Kenne Bell 20 amp Boost A Pump (BAP) - Boost Reference model

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A time tested and proven Kenne Bell innovation, the BOOST-A-PUMP™, powers some of the world’s most powerful production street and competition vehicles. The 725HP Shelby Super Snake (”Most Powerful Production Car Ever”), one of the World’s Fastest Production Sport Cars, the 242+mph 806HP Koenigsegg CCR, the dual turbo 1100HP Lingenfelter 427" Corvette and, of course, all those legendary Kenne Bell kits all use the BOOST-A-PUMP™ to reliably produce those big HP numbers - on pump gas! It activates only at full throttle or boost, so it doesn’t “bloat” or “overload” the fuel system at idle or cruise where full time pumps and extra fuel are not required. So, the fuel isn’t heated (gasoline begins to boil at 95°). No “cool can” is necessary. And it’s much easier to install (cut one wire) and more reliable than fuel pumps.

• 1000HP with OEM in tank production pumps*.
•Increases fuel pump flow up to 50% on ANY electric pump(s). 75% for "Competition" 20V.
•Available for single or dual pump applications.
•Easily installed. Uses stock feed wire & fuel lines.
•Eliminates expensive fuel lines and pump upgrades.
•Exclusive built in regulator stabilizes voltage regardless of battery voltage (down to 11V).
•Compensates for reduced voltage/pump delivery from voltage drops by lights and accessories.
•Proven reliability and concept. Tens of thousands sold since 1995.
•Used on all Kenne Bell Supercharger Kits (street & competition) and some of “World’s Most Powerful Production Cars.”
•Adjustable from 1% to 50% ON DEMAND from driver’s seat. Dual BOOST-A-PUMP™ is not adjustable. Set at max flow.
•Does not affect pump life. Actually increases life of returnless pumps.
•Activated by boost switch (supercharged, turbocharged) or vacuum switch (naturally aspirated).
•Ideal for Nitrous applications.
•Fused circuit protection.
•Attractive anodized red aluminum.
•Easily installed.

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